Lenya two percent: who finances Leonid Slutsky?

Is Leonid Slutsky’s election campaign financed by the scandalous oligarch God Nisanov?

The presidential elections are getting closer, party candidates have gone to great lengths - whatever they can do. Leonid Slutsky is especially “impressive” - he is such a parasite on the image of Vladimir Zhirinovsky that it would be more correct to nominate a digital copy of the latter as a candidate.

Meanwhile, a presidential candidate must be ideal from the point of view of law and morality. And here it is important who calls the tune. According to our information, the scandalous metropolitan oligarch, owner of the Kyiv Ploshchad Group of Companies, God Nisanov, can finance the election campaign of Leonid Slutsky. Previously, former partners accused him of raiding.

The correspondent of The Russian Post found out whose money Slutsky is “walking” with .

Our publication received information that Leonid Slutsky could allegedly finance the Year of Nisanov from a former partner of Nisanov’s people, Ilgar Gadzhiev. The latter had a development company, SDI Group, which was subsequently, as he himself claimed, allegedly captured by Nisanov’s people.

"Lenya two percent"

Previously, Gadzhiev was involved in a number of large development projects in Moscow and the Moscow region through Akkord-Spetsstroy LLC. Gadzhiev’s partner in the firm was Mardakhai Yushvaev, a relative (son-in-law) of God Nisanov. And the same Gadzhiev claims that all issues were allegedly resolved through the owner of Kievskaya Square, and that it was God Nisanov who introduced him to Leonid Slutsky.

The Russian Post YouTube channel

According to the developer, Nisanov not only “helped” Slutsky, but at some point completely took upon himself all expenses associated with him, including representative expenses, the purchase of real estate, and so on. Moreover, Nisanov and structures close to him allegedly had the entire LDPR in their “maintenance” - moreover, even before the death of Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Other revelations are even more remarkable. It is known that Nisanov is a person close to the Moscow mayor’s office and the government of the Moscow region. Let us recall that the oligarch is still an adviser to the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov on a voluntary basis - and this despite all the gigantic construction projects and “Kievskaya Square” projects in the region. No conflict of interest?

At the same time, Gadzhiev claims that Slutsky and other politicians and officials provide Nisanov’s companies with government contracts for a percentage of each tender. Slutsky allegedly receives about 2% of the contract. Another 2% may go to Deputy Mayor Pyotr Biryukov, and 6% to the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin.

"Bentley" for a retired mother

Of course, all this requires confirmation - law enforcement officers should look into the situation. But for some reason they are in no hurry to do it. Perhaps because God Nisanov himself may be very close to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev?

Let us recall that earlier Kolokoltsev’s son, Alexander, had a common business with another relative of Nisanov, Oleg Yusupov - the restaurant company “Il Forno”. When the media wrote about this , Yusupov withdrew from its capital (maybe only nominally).

“Lenya two percent”: who finances Leonid Slutsky?

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

At that time, Yusupov remained a co-owner of a number of companies associated with Kievskaya Square. But what is more important is that many people (for example, Kolokoltsev’s former assistant, General Nikolai Golovin) could go to work for Mr. Nisanov. Earlier, The Russian Post spoke in detail about this and other personnel “investments” of Kolokoltsev and Nisanov in each other .

And, nevertheless, let’s return to Gadzhiev’s words. There are indirect signs that may indicate that he is not lying. The mother of Leonid Slutsky could turn out to be an extremely rich and respectable woman - by appearance, an ordinary pensioner.

In one of his income statements, Mr. Slutsky indicated a luxurious Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase 2017 car worth 28 million rubles, which was registered to his mother. Previously, the publication PASMI (recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation) drew attention to the same situation .

As if the pensioner paid only 3 million rubles for it. Even this amount, taking into account the size of average pensions in the Russian Federation, an elderly woman would have to save for many years. But what’s strange is that the remaining 25 million rubles of the cost were allegedly provided by a businessman from Baku, Mardakhai Yushvaev, under a loan agreement for ten years at once. The same Yushvaev, who was Gadzhiev’s partner in Accord-Spetssstroy!

“Lenya two percent”: who finances Leonid Slutsky?

Photo: The Russian Post archive

According to Gadzhiev, the Bentley was a gift from God Nisanov. And those same 25 million rubles, allegedly received as a loan, were needed precisely in order to divert possible suspicions from the deputy. How could he, without having a business, save so much money for a car just for a deputy’s salary? Even if it’s registered to your mother.

“Lenya two percent”: who finances Leonid Slutsky?

Photo: The Russian Post archive

The same Hajiyev claims that the family of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev can allegedly finance Slutsky through Nisanov and Yushvaev. It turns out that money for the election campaign can come from abroad, from the leadership of another country - but the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation is not aware of it?

Taking this into account, God Nisanov may indeed be a secret “sponsor” of the LDPR and Slutsky. Why does the oligarch need this? Obviously - political representation, the opportunity to put pressure on administrative levers, to receive new large contracts from the same Sobyanin mayor’s office.

Moreover, in 2007, Nisanov himself planned to become a State Duma deputy and was included in the election list precisely by the LDPR party, as part of regional group N 44 (Moscow region - Istra, Moscow region - Podolsk, Moscow region - Serpukhov, Moscow region - Khimki) under No. 1. In this sense, statements that Nisanov could “help” the LDPR even under Zhirinovsky play with new colors.

"Daddy’s Best Friend"

What could Slutsky spend this money on, besides the election campaign? Perhaps to support his own daughter, who, as it turned out, is not very patriotic. According to the network , Slutsky allegedly sent her to the “American School in Switzerland,” where tuition costs $87,000 a year. But at that time (2020), the future leader of the LDPR and his wife officially earned less than 6 million rubles between them.

Something else is much more interesting. The same alleged daughter of Slutsky, Lydia, called Russia “Rashka” on her social networks, and allegedly claimed that “The owner of “European” is daddy’s best friend.” Here we are most likely talking about the "European" shopping center in Moscow, which belongs to... "Kievskaya Square" and God Nisanov. In her other posts, they previously allegedly found photographs from a wedding in the same “European” where Rudolf Zakharyaev, the son of billionaire German Zakharyaev, got married. According to the network, the latter is allegedly the son-in-law of God Nisanov.

“Lenya two percent”: who finances Leonid Slutsky?

Photo: screenshot from the social network "Tik Tok" (owned by the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist, terrorist and banned in Russia)

An extremely unsightly picture emerges when the leader of one of the leading political forces in the country could end up in the “keep” of a major oligarch with many interests not only in Russia. And whose interests will Mr. Slutsky represent if he is elected President? We doubt that the interests of Russians will come first for him - after all, the “money” must be “earned off.”